Kim Kyung Tak/Kim Jaejoong

Engaged to Hong YoungRae

The illegitimate son of a concubine and Kim Byonghee, who is part of the Andong Kim Family and a member of the Noron faction (t/n: one of the two main factions that existed in Western Korea. They were known to be more traditional and strict)

A high ranking officer who is part of the policing force of the Joseon Dynasty.

Kim Kyung Tak is exceptionally skilled in martial arts and has a very competitive nature which causes him to command the respect of those around him. He holds the pain of being an illegitimate son inside of him and wishes to be fully recognized by Kim Byeonghee. Therefore he is determined to never lose fights, never shed tears, and never show any sign of weakness. However, he always becomes weak because of one person. Hong YongRae.

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