[Dr. Jin Ep.01 Ratings]

AGB Nielsen 12.2% nationwide & 14.1% Seoul | TNmS 10.7% nationwide & 13.5% Seoul

[TRANS] 120526 Power blogger’s review of Dr. Jin’s first episode

T/N: This review was written by a popular Korean entertainment writer who goes by the pen name “Lucifer”. He runs a popular blog entitled “Lucifer’s Entertainment World” in which he writes reviews on dramas and movies as well as commentaries on popular celebrities.

Aired on the 26th, “Dr. Jin” became a drama that grabbed the viewers’ attention from the first episode. The popular theme of time travel was rife through this drama, though with the shows that have been coming out recently, the very high potential for this theme to be overused is a large concern. However, when the first episode of Dr. Jin aired, the amount of positive reaction that poured in was more than expected. The competitor, the drama “Gentleman’s…

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