1. In front of the convenience store (at night)
When he’s kicked out from the store and says ‘you are imprudent’ (not in the script) *shop clerk saying ‘Ajuhssi is more imprudent’ is ad-lib too
2. When he drinks his water while brushing his teeth and says ‘it’s refreshing’ with Chisan
3. When they are practicing walking on escalator

1. When he lifts his head up after finishing changing clothes in the elevator and meeting Park Ha
2. When they are learning Korean alphabet, almost all ad-lib
3. Train scene ‘hello, how much is it?’ it wasn’t funny in the script but Yuchun saved it

1. When he’s imitating the dance practice in the playground
2. After fainting, when he moved his legs acting like a girl when Park Ha entered the guard room

In the preview, when he’s following the bus and screaming nervously ‘Park…

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