The issue of JYJ being out-casted on air/broadcast programs has once again become a hot-button topic.

On June 4th’s broadcast of MBC “Come to Play,” child actress Kim Sohyun (who made an appearance on the program) took to her personal twitter and wrote “What is this? Why were the parts where I talked about Yoochun oppa edited out? I wanted to let everyone know about many interesting stories with Yoochun oppa. My birthday has ended bitterly.” On the 5th, Park Yoochun responded back via twitter, “Sohyun-ah thank you! Don’t be depressed, be strong Princess!”


In response to this controversy, the producers of “Come to Play” responded, “There were a lot of parts that exceeded the broadcast allotted time. Thus, there was nothing we could do but edit parts out.” It has already been 2 years since the members of JYJ started releasing albums under the group name JYJ. However, the…

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