Park Yoochun and Lee Tae Sung showed off their friendship.

Park Yoochun and Lee Tae Sung each tweeted a picture on June 16th from a get-together. The two actors have worked together on SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ which recently ended.

The two may have been enemies on the drama but on the pictures they seemed to have gotten closer as they down a shot in similar poses each of them wearing a hat. Both stars had also tweeted a photo of each other’s autograph and Lee Tae Sung stated, “It’s the first time I got an autograph from a star. Feels strange, this is the first time we’re drinking just the two of us.” Park Yoochun also left a short message, “It’s the autograph I got from Lee Tae Sung sunbae. I’m happy to be with hyung. Thanks. For the two of us who are feeling blue.”

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