Some follow ups for the main lawsuit between JYJ and SM Entertainment

Just wanted to follow up and clarify some updates of the main lawsuits between Jaejoong/Yuchun/Junsu and SM Entertainment.

 *Before you read, the basic information about the current cases will be helpful for you to understand.

There are 2 main lawsuit cases being processed in the court.

(1) The lawsuit to verify ‘invalidity’ of the exclusive contract  (= Case No.1)

:  This is the one that the three members filed against SM Entertainment in order to terminate the unfair contract and claim for damages.

The members’ lawyers expected that this main case would take a long time, so they filed ‘injunction to terminate the validity of the exclusive contract’ in 2009 in order to ensure the members’ free activities.

As you all know, the court decided in the members’ favour and ordered that 1) the validity of the exclusive contract…

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