MBC drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” recently posted a surprising interview of JYJ‘s Jaejoong on their official website.

In the interview JYJ’s Jaejoong makes a surprisingly frank confession that he thinks his character Kim Kyung Tak’s romantic lines intended for Hong Young Rae (played by Park Min Young) struck him as cheesy.

In his own words, “When I first read my lines I thought they were pretty cheesy. ‘The heavens are not on my side,’ and ‘I’m determined to wait for you ’til the end of time,’  were some of the few cheesy lines assigned to my character.” Jaejoong also admitted feeling concerned that his reaction to these lines might ruin his delivery of them during the filming of the scenes.

He continued, “However once I looked at all the historical dramas ever produced, I realized they were normal. During that period those…

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