Although popular Korean group JYJ’s activites in Korea are continually being suppressed by their previous management agency, their popularity has not been hurt one bit. They recently spent 20 million HKD for their JYJ Membership Week to show their appreciation for the love from their fans. It not only attracted over 10,000 Korean fans, but 7,000 Japanese fans also came to the event. With so many Japanese fans that came to support the event, Jaejoong felt extremely thankful.

Jaejoong: I heard news about 7,000 Japanese fans coming especially for us and we feel very happy about that. I hope the Japanese and Korean fans will use this chance to become friends. We also hope that everyone can leave with wonderful memories after attending this event. I hope everyone and JYJ will continue to share happy moments together.

Jaejoong, who is currently busy filming a drama, and Junsu, who is…

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