Actor Kim Jae Joong recently showed off close friendship with actor Jin Yi Han.

On July 5, Kim attended a press conference for MBC’s weekend series Dr. Jin in Gyeonggi-do and said, “I  knew Jin before we started shooting the series together.”

Kim and Jin play the roles of lifelong friends Kim Kyung Tak and Hong Young Hui in the series. But Jin died after raising a riot and Kim made the audience feel sorry by being tormented with a guilty conscience and feeling troubled about Jin’s death.

Kim said, “We are also very close in real life. Even though he is 8 years older than me, he makes me feel comfortable. We keep in touch and have become close friends.”

The series is a fantasy medical drama about a modern day Korean surgeon, who goes back in time to the Joseon Dynasty and works there as a doctor and creates various episodes. It…

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