Kim Jaejoong’s international fan club has attracted attention for their latest donation. Jaejoong’s international fan site, Prince JJ, has reportedly donated $1,500 USD (1.7 million won) to the U.S. international children charity, Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an non-profit medical organization that started in 1987 in the United States and was founded by Bill and Kathy Magee. Plastic surgeons provide cleft lip and palate repairs for children who are in need of them. To date, they have provided over 150,000 reconstructive surgeries on children and young adults in over 60 countries.

The money donated by Prince JJ is being used to pay for the surgeries of six children.

Prince JJ commented, “Just like how Jaejoong’s smiles bring joy to us all, we hope that this donation will bring joy to these children and their loved ones.” The fan site also revealed that they are planning to donate another $1,500 in…

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