Kim Jaejoong’s acting surprised many viewers.

In MBC drama “Time Slip Dr.Jin” aired on the 15th, Kim Jaejoong, playing the role of Kim Kyung Tak, shocked many with his acting skills.

In the last episode, Kyung Tak fled after shooting Lee Ha Eung (Lee Bum Soo) with a gun, but he runs into Young Hwee (Jin Ee Han), and gets taken away after losing consciousness. Kyung Tak, being tortured during investigation, keeps his family and Byung Hee (Kim Eung Soo) safe by keeping his mouth shut.

When Kyung Tak finally succeeds in running away, he tries to commit suicide, but it fails when Young Rae appears.

Viewers who watched this episode commented, “Jaejoong’s acting today was so good,” “I got goosebumps during the scene when he was coughing up blood,” “I love the character of Kim Kyung Tak”, “Kim Jae Joong’s acting is getting better and better”, etc.

Photo Credits: MBC

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