JYJ3 Note: Women Mag-Josei Jishin is a Japanese Tabloid. Please take the information with a grain of salt. Tabloids aren’t a reliable source. But we want our readers know how the Lawsuit between SM and JYJ is being informed in Japan.

Tohoshinki – Settlement called by JYJ “To the stage of 5” 

Women Mag-Josei Jishin-July 24, 2012

The trial circulating around the problem of Tohoshinki’s exclusive contract of JYJ confronting SM Ent. The result of the trial was planned to be announced on July 19th at 10am by Seoul Court, but it is understand that they are heading for settlement again since both sides will be appearing for arbitration.

Korean’s Newspaper “Chosun Daily” on the 19TH reported that Yunho (26) and Changmin (24) of Tohoshinki and Jaejoong (26), Junsu (25) and Yoochun (26) of JYJ will be heading for the settlement table.

The three of JYJ sued their previous…

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