Kim Jaejoong who is currently acting in MBC weekend drama ‘Dr Jin’ as tragic-life officer Kim Kyung Tak, gained great exposure due to his deep attractive gaze.

Spreading his all-around charisma repeatedly as Kim Kyung Tak in every episode, Kim Jaejoong attracted viewers’ attention. He had a deep wound in his heart, that was however unable to be comforted correctly by anyone, with him characterizing the loneliness, and followed this revelation with the further deepened eye expression.

Especially in the beginning phase of the drama where his look as a calm and clear-headed officer inter-switched with the pure-hearted look and gentleness towards the lady he loved, Kim Jaejoong made the female viewers’ heart fluttered. Currently acting as a double spy who is willing to sacrifice his life for Andong Kim clan’s survival, this development led the plot into tension.

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