‘You are indeed very fair-skinned’. The comment that naturally came out from the impression of his ramyun CF after meeting Park Yoochun. Apart from that, though filled with curiosity and desire to know, he is currently not yet tied down to a fixed image. As an actor, no matter what work he is getting ready to draw out, he will always give a ‘whitish’ impression. (T/N: clean image i.e.) Between the youthful smile and the manly shoulders, there was no clear definition of the immaturity and maturity. However after the last episode of SBS’s ‘Rooftop Prince’, he is no longer the new canvas that needs to be painted on. Putting aside the portions where he is capable of completing, this new actor was able to create scenes immediately where veterans might not be able to do so. The last scene, incident and story was able to bring upon the future…

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