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[Interview] Kim Jaejoong, “Introduced to a girl, but who is an idol group killer” (Interview③)

I was very surprised by Kim Jaejoong, he said so much honestly without second thought. The manager from C-Jes looked very nervous while watching Jaejoong talk. He didn’t know how to lie, nor does he sound too formal or distant. I think this Jaejoong is far more charming, and he even talked a lot about things that his fans wouldn’t know.

– Did you feel burdensome when filming with the famous sunbae Kim Eunsoo in MBC’s ‘Dr. Jin’?
Burdensome? Not at all. Dad is really nice to me, and watching his facial expression really makes me more immersed with the characters. There were also a lot of expressions and lines that were added on the spot. They were all products of watching dad’s expression. (T/N: Jaejoong refers to Kim Eunsoo…

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