Translations and information are all thanks to @rubypurple_fan unless otherwise noted

The info and quotes are in no particular order and come from all the interviews released today.

EDIT: There are so many interviews that its difficult to even keep up with them. So hopefully they will be translated in full. Here is what I managed to grab off of Twitter (I’m pretty sure there is a ton more). One thing is for sure, the reporters were smitten with him. Many praised him for how frank, honest, and candid he was despite his “idol” status. (If you’ve seen or followed the interviews done with Yoochun and Junsu, you’d see the ‘candid and honesty’ trait is common amongst all three)

Some Q & A:

Q: Did you feel burdened acting with Kim Eunsoo?

JJ: No because I really thought of him as a father so acting comes naturally.

Q: A lot…

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