My cousin and I said “OMG Sun” (hehhehehe), and he looked our way~~! XDDD He smiled (I DIDN’T GET IT ON CAMERA THOUGH. FML)

That little girl has got to be one of the luckiest girls on Earth *Q* I gasped when Junsu was starting to be all cute with the little girl…(I was like OMG)

Jaejoong came out much later…But we were confused (me…and all the people around me) as to where he was, so we got worried. XD

LMAO…That pink phone that dropped is mine…When it dropped, Yoochun noticed it. OTL (Of all the things that could be noticed. /cries/) Also, the bodyguard was being a little strict on cameras, so at the end of the video I had to cautious.

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