“Park Yoochun Getting Married? I’ll Be The First To Break The News” (Part 1)‏

“Taking on historical drama without any experience? I think I will 100% be scolded. To be real actor Kim Jaejoong, rather than the safer way, I think it’s alright to challenge a new route.”

I recently met up with JYJ member Kim Jaejoong who is maturing as an actor, at a cafe in Cheongdam-dong on the 6th. Acting in MBC’s ‘Dr Jin’ as flowery military official Kim Kyung Tak, he was, to my surprise, earnestly accepting the criticism towards his acting in the beginning of the drama. He is also clear that he had to present a better self in the future.

“I didn’t meant to receive any recognition through this drama. An actor with no experience challenging in historical drama is indeed a very difficult thing. Though I was not able to perform perfectly for everyone…

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