SM Entertainment and JYJ have failed to reach an agreement on the issues surrounding the members’ TVXQ contract.

The trial between SM Entertainment and the members of JYJ took place on August 10 at 4PM KST in Seoul Central District Court. SM Entertainment’s representative Kim Young Min, along with lawyers from both sides, were present to debate the issue. The members of JYJ were not present for this trial.

In the 1-hour-30-minute trial, each side expressed their sentiments to the court, and afterwards, both sides expressed their opinions to each other. This day, Representative Kim left the meeting to have a conversation with a lawyer in the waiting room. He met with reporters during the mediation and stated, “The court is still in trial so nothing can be said.

SM Entertainment and JYJ have been in trial since last May, going through a total of six hearings to reconcile their differences…

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