He has become a full-fledged actor now. Kim Jaejoong, 26, was satisfied with the new acting experiences that he has gained in MBC’s weekend drama, Dr Jin.

He started acting in the movie, Heaven’s Postman in 2009 and he went on to star in the drama, Protect the Boss in 2011. After winning the newcomer award for his role in Protect the Boss, he challenged a historical drama this time round. The drama could be a rash challenge for him, but he recognized the possibility of acting in it.

He said: “As it’s a historical drama, I started with a blank slate. Initially, I was confused about the things I had to learn and express. I asked the acting instructor for advice, but I thought that it would become the instructor’s acting and not mine. So, I changed my mind. I decided to not follow the instructor’s guidance and express…

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