Lee So Yeon has been attracted to the charms of her Dr Jin’s co-star singer-actor Kim Jaejoong.

In a recent OSEN interview, she was asked about her impression of Kim Jaejoong. She said: “There were also many fans who came to the set, so I felt his immense popularity. After working together with him, I came to know why he receives so much love.”

She said: “When I stood at the side to observe his acting, the look of his eyes was very good. It was strong and yet melancholic. It made me feel very sorry for his character.” She regarded the look of his eyes as his most attractive asset.

She also said: “In Dr Jin, Kim KyungTak was a very pitiful character and the look of Kim Jaejoong’s eyes were very pitiful when he was acting. Every time I meet Kim Jaejoong, I would tell him that KyungTakie…

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