13 August 2012
Small Summer Vacation/Small Report

This is a hasty report.
About the picture of Jaejoong taken at the airport lounge where he was contemplating about which cup ramen he was gonna eat, it seems the question of “which did he eat?” rose among the public.

It turned out that he didn’t eat either one. Whaaat…Even I felt disappointed. This way, the story won’t continue *laugh*
I told Jaejoong about Saori-san’s story. It’s a sad story, but that’s not my aim of telling him the story. I wanted to tell him about the loop that Saori-san had expended. I received a lot of sad comments. For example…”I’ll support Jaejoong on Saori-san’s behalf”… or “Saori-san, please protect Jaejoong from heaven”.

(T/N:Saori-san is a Jaejoong/JYJ fan who had passed away last June due to sickness. Her dream was to go to a JYJ concert and a lot of fans were greatly…

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