T/N: “Sanspo” is a nickname of the Daily Sports Japanese Newspaper Sankei Sports. Maco-san shared this entry in her blog:

I’m really

excited! Jejunggggggg!

I thought during the press conference for the fanmeeting (T/N: JYJ Membership Week Exhibition)

Jejung’s strong will and gaze,

His charisma,

I think, are outstanding in the group.

In SMAP similar to, (I say!)

maybe Kimutaku. (T/N: Kimura Takuya of SMAP)

In Shibugaki similar to, (I say!)

maybe Mokkun. (too old?) (T/N: Masahiro Motoki of Shibugakitai, he’s 46 years old ^^;;)

In Gundam

Amuro Ray.

In Princess Mononoke…

I think it’s enough (;´▽`A“

Anyway, beautiful.



Anyway, the atmosphere there, somehow, everyone has been inspired by Jejung…


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