– It was reported that the mood on set seemed pretty good. 

Lee So Yeon: “Each one of my co-actors were exhausted because of their tight schedules and they made an effort to be considerate to other actors and staff. Thanks to them, there was always laughter on set. Kim Jaejoong was the person who made us laugh the most. He is funny and nice.”

– Is there anything interesting that happened while working with Kim Jaejoong?

Lee So Yeon: “For instance, when an NG occurs, everyone will apologize and move on. But, Kim Jaejoong will make it funny. He changed the lines from ‘I’ve prepared a banquet for everyone’ to ‘It’s my treat today. Please help yourself.’ We were tired from the filming at dawn, but thanks to him, we bursted into laughter.”

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Source: TV Daily via  Nate
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3
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