Aug 16, 2012 – a miracle occurred in Los Angeles International Airport!!

To all JYJ Japanese fans, I was able to tell directly to Jaejoong “I went to the Hitachinaka live!! Thank you for coming to Japan!!” ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ Jaejoong smiled/laughed!!

If you want to know what happened, please read on but it is a little long!!

This day was absolutely unforgettable for me~!!

Even when I’m happy, even when I’m having a hard time, JYJ’s music helped and saved me a lot all the time. I knew of course that the JYJ I love came to LA where I currently live. Although I can roughly guess the arrival time based on Jaejoong’s tweet, I can’t take time off work, I go to work that day in tears, I just saw their arrival photos. Although we’re in the same city, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I can meet them…I regret not…

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