Kim Junsu was welcomed by the fans in Hong Kong as he wraps up his 2012 Asia Tour there.

Kim Junsu arrived in Hong Kong at noon on August 25th through Chek Lap Kok Airport. About 1,000 fans were waiting for Kim Junsu at the airport. As soon as Kim Junsu showed up at arrival, the fans went into a frenzy screaming and chanting his name.

Many of the fans were holding hand fans with ‘XIA’ written across them and some were holding placards that read ‘Lord Junsu’ and ‘The star of Asia’ as they repeated Kim Junsu’s name.

As Kim Junsu left the airport, hundreds of fans followed him in taxis. The fans followed the star to the press conference as well as his hotel rooting for him.

Kim Junsu said, “It feels unreal that so many fans came out to the airport. This concert is the last one…

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