We tried to compile all the good comments the actors and actresses had for Jae Joong. Jae Joong is a person who is very consistent, even his choice of words are consistent. Caring, hardworking, interesting, cute, straightforward, like to act like a spoiled kid, kind, talented, matured, humble, atmosphere creator, handsome.

– “The expression Jae  Joong oppa use in a sentence is very interesting. When I complain that I am tired, he will said things like “Keep moving, little thing” to motivate me.” (Heaven’s Postman, Han Hyo Joo)

– “Golden Retriever don’t give birth to a lot of puppies in a batch. He is just like the last puppy which often don’t get the milk of its mother, the one that you want to adore the most.” ( Hard to Say I Love You, Eita)

– “He is a very cute person if you get to know him…

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