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To place the term ‘Actor’ in front of Kim Jaejoong’s name was a bit unbelieving at first. The handsome features and the almost perfect performances on stage, his overwhelming charisma is able to capture the audiences within minutes. Perhaps you might have mistaken ‘Hero Jaejoong’ is all what Kim Jaejoong can offer. Thinking of the look of the real-life Kim Jaejoong with his poised standing, it gave a indescribable extraordinary feeling. Collaborating with other actors is also a problem. Will he able to put down his strong presence while standing among them and will he be able to digest the character naturally? The most curious of all is, ‘how far does Kim Jaejoong intend to walk on this acting route?’

Acting, is something one had to leave his shame away and to meet abruptly with a side of oneself that one…

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