“Park Yoochun” The acting-dol whom even drama critics acknowledges

The return of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s “Micky Yoochun” to being “Park Yoochun” announced the birth of an acting gem. In the beginning, towards him whom challenged the route of an actor for the first time, the comments were not friendly, however, through acting in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, he overcame those controversies.

“Sungkyunkwan Scandal” which was broadcasted in 2010 was a widely popularised drama that had created many “Sungseu Paein”*. As the leading actors of a drama that focuses on young actors, Park Yoochun, Park Minyoung, Yoo Ah In and Song Joongki can easily add on to the controversies if they were reckless. However, the four of them brilliantly portrayed their characters, and not only did they raised the audiences’ involvement into the drama, they won acknowledgement for their acting as well. In particular, the acting that received the most attention was…

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