“During crisis there is an opportunity for breakthrough” It might be cliche but everyone experienced, at least once, the fierce reality of life. Nowadays, the music industry especially, it’s an era of stars turning crisis into opportunity.


JYJ who left TVXQ in July 2009, experienced twists and turns, ups and downs, the moment they came out of their former agency SM Entertainment. Because of legal disputes, it was hard for them to appear on stage. There was no song to sing on stage as well. Due to copyright laws, most songs are registered under TVXQ. Still, they held out and in fact filled 80% of their first studio album, that was unveiled for the first time in Korea, with their self-produced songs.

Fans’ reaction was good. For the first time, there was an idol group album almost filled with self-composed songs. It had a higher degree of musical perfection…

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