Its not too much to say that the group that Kim Jae Joong belongs to – JYJ, can sing, do variety and act.
In < Dr Jin >’s press conference, Kim Jae Joong said modestly that “In JYJ, I consider my acting skills to be the worst.” When the reporter asked him to give his own acting a score, he replied ” The score is not given by me, I couldn’t give myself a score. *smiles* The gentle sentimental Yoo Chun and the emotions that I convey are very different and can’t be compared. “

Those who are feel that he only drew upon his super idol star popularity to become an actor, is actually kind of prejudiced. More so as he comes from an idol background, Jae Joong is actually under more pressure to bear harsher scrutiny on his acting and face more challenges. That day, Kim Jae…

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