Yoochun was spotted in Jaejoong’s newly opened coffee shop ‘Coffee Cojjee’ on Oct. 14th ^3^~

“@chiharu71: Coffee Cojjee에 유천이 등장!!!”
TRANS:Yoochun has entered/appeared at Coffee Cojjee!!!

“@chiharu71: 빠수니가 계를 타다니ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 유천이 회색니트에 검정색 모자쓰고, 선그라스낌”
TRANS:(can’t believe) a fan can hit the jackpot *cries* Yoochun i wearing a grey sweater, a black cap and has his sunglasses on

“@chiharu71: 유천이 짧은머리 대박임!!!!!! 완전 멋지고!!! 조막만한 얼굴에서 광채터짐!!!!!!”
TRANS:YC’s short hair is daebak! He’s totally handsome! And explodes of brilliance from his fist-sized face!

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