November 05, 2012

JaeJoong, who was so sick from the flu that he couldn’t speak, still appeared in front of his Jakarta fans, even though he was advised by the staffs and the doctor not to go through with the FM.

This became one of the anecdotes of how JaeJoong cherishes his fans.

I’ve heard that fans sang for him instead.
I guess the inconvenient communication through an iPad was in fact an act of affection.

And the letter he wrote with his own hand, such touching contents.

I’ve heard that the clap hand event with the 2000 fans was a sudden request from JaeJoong, so that he could show more love to the fans who wanted to hear JaeJoong’s voice and live performances.

This is who JaeJoong is.
I just hope that he can treat his flu and get some rest.

JYJ is a group that is compiled with the…

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