– Why did you start acting?

To show myself more often to the public.

– Have you had any special preparation for acting?

At first, I had acting classes but it didn’t help much. (laugh) Because my face looks unique and my voice isn’t ordinary too, I think my acting becomes awkward if I learn and act by the standard from others. So I decided that acting by my own individual style is much better.

– Oh! That seems a very significant enlightenment.

When you learn a foreign language, you have to think in that language in your head. But if you think something in Korean and speak it in that foreign language, it would be hard. It’s the same.

– Do you usually watch a lot of movies?

Korean movies, foreign movies, I watch movies indiscriminately. I can’t go to cinemas though, [I watch movies] at home.

– What movie did you enjoy…

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