(Introductory statements & previously translated parts omitted.)

Upon the news about the interview with Kim Jaejoong, a lot of his fans sent their questions they would like to know to Kim Jaejoong.

– How is living as Kim Jaejoong in South Korea?

It is really a bliss. The tough things I feel are what other celebrities also feel. The degree is similar. For my case, I think it is a bliss that I receive much economically and socially. It is grateful that I am working hard and doing what I love. Moreover, I am loved by so many for this.

– Do fans’ wild affection not give you a hard time?

“If JYJ had activities and opportunities equally as other idol groups or entertainers, they wouldn’t be this wild as now. However, I think, because they don’t have many places to express [their minds], they express themselves passionately when opportunities are given to…

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