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[parts unrelated to Yoochun omitted]

My ideal man will always be Park Yuchun oppa. I feel always thankful because he asks me if I’m not hungry and take good care of me on the set.

Among my friends, there are a lot of Yuchun oppa’s fans. They all say they envy me. At first, when Yuchun oppa called me “Little Princess” on Twitter, I was suprised but I felt happy. Even lately, he still calls me time to time “Little Princess”.

There’s a scene when I turn back and, like an illusion, see Yuchun oppa and smile. But I felt ashamed when the director, knowing Yuchun oppa was there, said “The way you look at Jingu is different from the way you look at Yuchun”.

Once, I got to film together with Jingu oppa and Yuchun oppa and Jingu oppa told me “Whenever you’re with Yuchun hyung, your laughing starts…

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