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The head of Kyodo Yokohama, the largest concert production agency in Japan that took over JYJ′s Tokyo Dome concerts, compared the group′s concerts to those of the late Michael Jackson′s, saying that “the dances are even more splendid and impressive” than the moves of the King of Pop.

President Okamoto said, “We were able to see why JYJ is JYJ. It′s the concert everyone has been waiting for. You can compare it to a concert by Michael Jackson, and the dances are even more splendid and impressive.”

He then added, “Since [JYJ] won its lawsuit [against Avex], they′re drawing more expectations toward their future promotions in Japan. I′m also looking forward to what kind of concert it will put on for its fans.”

A rep from C-JeS Entertainment, in charge of JYJ′s management, said, “All 150,000 seats for the three days of JYJ′s Tokyo Dome concert were sold out. Over…

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  • @XiahDerTod: Stage light is on #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @XiahDerTod: Light is offfff #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @XiahDerTod: Fans at the back are all standing up to welcome JYJ back ♥ #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @XiahDerTod: Red ocean ♥ #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @ceskjj: stage Iights up! 2 minutes!!!
  • @XiahDerTod: #JYJinTokyoDome start
  • @XiahDerTod: Red oceannnn
  • @XiahDerTod: Japanese fans are crying #JYJinTokyoDome. ㅠㅠㅠ
  • @ceskjj: OMG the red lightsticks!! So pretty!!
  • @ohmyjunsu: Yoohwan has been spotted! #JYJinTokyoDome @yuri_AngelXiah 유환 지나감…RT @babyskymicky: ユファンくんが横通った!
  • @mihyanga: レッドオーシャン❤❤❤
  • @sarithegate: おかえりなさいJYJ♡ #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @hiyashi_tomato3: 赤!
  • @ShadowJaeJes: Showing vid on scene, animation I think #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @racco__racco: スタート!
  • @kaju0731: Yuhwan is in the venue^^ RT @XIAINJYJ: o(^▽^)o RT @taku_js: ゆふぁんが真後ろに♡
  • @ShadowJaeJes: OK the guys come out in the animation. #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @ohmyjunsu: Fans are crying because of a greeting message #JYJinTokyoDome RT @yuri_AngelXiah 처음 message에 울음…무슨 message일까 궁금타..ㅠRT @shachong: 最初のメッセージ
  • @mihyanga: #JYJ
  • @XiahDerTod: JYJ is OUT…

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JYJ was sent off and welcomed by a big crowd of fans in Korea and Japan.

JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jae Joong and Kim Junsu left for Japan through Kimpo Airport in Seoul on March 27, a few days before its historical Tokyo Dome concert was to take place.

500 fans said goodbye to JYJ in Korea, and over 1,000 local fans welcomed the group to Japan at Haneda Airport.

An agency rep said, “We had to clear benches and set up a safeline for the fans who were crowding the airport after hearing the group would arrive in Japan. This is a very rare sight to see even in Japan, and it proved how popular the group is in the country.”

JYJ′s Tokyo Dome concert will take place from April 2-4, and is the group′s first in Japan since June 2010. All tickets sold out, with over three times the…

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Note: This is a follow-up article to another titled: K-Pop Group Under Threat also from Asia Sentinel 

PhotobucketKorean pop group JYJ gains freedom, pointing the way for other groups

After a three-and-a-half year struggle, the phenomenally popular K-pop group JYJ has finally won its campaign to free itself from SM Entertainment, South Korea’s biggest talent management company.

The settlement, in closed-door arbitration, leaves SME and other Korean impresarios facing a rear-guard action to preserve contracts made with other unwitting adolescents in their stables that usually run well beyond a decade and longer.

The members of JYJ, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu, had been caught up in a 13-year iron-clad contract that left virtually no possibility of being paid commensurate with their previous earnings as three fifths of Asia’s premier pop phenomenon DBSK/TVXQ, which they left to form their own group.

The JYJ legal wrangle with SME actually…

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Kim Jaejoong can never forget this year. Because it’s the year that he could settle down as an actor. He came into the spotlight through ‘Dr. Jin’ and he made the first step toward the screen through ‘Code Name Jackal’.
But, despite that he is busy, he keeps his eye on something. It’s ‘interior decoration’ of his house.

“I think I have a sense of ‘interior design’.. Haha!”

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