The casting of Kim Junsu’s ‘2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’ was announced.

C-JeS Entertainment revealed that the casting and staff of this concert was confirmed. The famed composer Choi Jooyoung put together [T/N: literal translation is “constructed”] a heart-warming concert, and the musical actor Kim Sunyoung will perform with Junsu numbers from the musical ‘Elisabeth’. Also, Tang Joonsang from the musical ‘Mozart!’ will perform the role of young Mozart.

This concert is the first-ever solo ballad and musical concert that will be performed by an idol singer. A special presentation of musical numbers, ballad songs from albums and OST songs that Kim Junsu has sung as well as his favorite songs is being prepared. In addition to this, 120-minute long all-live performance with an orchestra will be presented [on the stage].

An associate relayed, “A top quality show is being prepared. This is the first time ever…

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Prior to his solo performance in Germany on the 30th, JYJ‘s Junsu sat down for a press conference where he revealed that the group will release a new album in 2013.

“It is a fact that a new JYJ album will be released next year,” he responded to a reporter’s question. “It will be sometime in the middle of the year. We’ll be promoting separately until the beginning of next year, and we think we’ll be able to stand together as JYJ at around the mid-year mark.”

Junsu is currently traveling around the world as part of his solo world tour, with performances in 12 cities around the globe.

Source: SBS E! via Nate

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Fan account of a Jae fan where she met another Jae fan^^

(This is the story of a fan who loves Jae)

While waiting to collect my luggage yesterday at the airport, I got a call from my friend. As my handphone was inside the jacket I had earlier removed, it took me a while to take it out and answered it. Hence my ringtone which was “Choi Hyun’s 사랑…사랑” rang for a long time.

After answering the phone, I heard a voice behind me asking “Can you play that song one more time?”

I turned around and saw an ahjumma and beside her, she was holding on to a young girl in sunglasses.
Because the voice that asked the question sounded young, I figured it was the girl who asked me.

Didn’t realized anything was amidst at that point, I replay the song again.
After listening to it, she…

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Recently, JYJ’s Junsu enchanted fans in Germany with his excellent singing and dance performances.

Junsu had recently held 13 world-tour concerts,“XIA First World Tour in Overhausen, Germany,” in 12 different cities in Germany. His final concert was on November 30 at Turbinenhalle. After wrapping up his performances, Junsu held a press conference.

At the conference, a reporter asked Junsu to comment on actor Kim Jae Joong and Park Yoo Chun’s acting skills. Junsu answered, “Some people think acting idols are not passionate or good enough. The perception got me very worried before the members started acting. However, I think JYJ is doing great! Park Yoo Chun is currently playing for drama, “I Miss You,” and Kim Jae Joong is busy with movie ‘Jackal Is Coming.’ I am very proud of them.”

The singer also talked about JYJ’s upcoming album which will be released in 2013 and concluded the conference…

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From beginning to end, Kim Junsu is promising nothing but live singing for his upcoming year-end concert.

On December 4, C-Jes Entertainment revealed the official cue sheet for Kim Junsu’s upcoming orchestral concert.

The ballad, musical and OST-themed year-end concert will feature a live orchestra to enhance Kim Junsu’s renown singing prowess.

C-Jes Entertainment revealed, “Among idols, there’s been no one that has done an all-live exclusive ballad concert. With Kim Junsu’s singing skills he will move the audience with not only his singing in the ballad [genre] but musicals and OST and provide a beautiful touch for this winter.”


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We could already feel his changes in his last drama, ‘Rooftop Prince’, but at this time he is more different than we expected…
More than anything, the role is a very tough detective who works at the section in charge of violent crime.
Despite he is a very-tone deaf person, he has shamelessness as he never putting the microphone in karaoke..
To his ‘mother’ who doesn’t have blood relationship with him, he also acted like her real son.. and he told like this..

“Sweetheart, don’t cheat on me although I’m not with you!!”

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